Public Relations

Public Relations

Our core competence is to bring media attention through various platforms like print, electronic and digital. We know how to make our clients visible by sending right message to the appropriate audiences in the market.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that they get regular coverage in various trends/stories happening in their respective industries across various forms of media. We know how to give a single peice of our client information as story to media to get the best focus on our client deeds. Our advanced strategy includes content creation, public speaking, events participations, award nominations, data-driven campaigns, etc.

We work with clients to achieve objectives as diverse as building reputation of the product / brand for increase in sales to handling issues which might potentially have a damaging impact, thereby protecting reputation.

We keep clients up-to-date with each and every step and we belive in sharing the bad news first with a mitigation plan.

Our in-depth understanding and long years of experience holds us in good stead to mobilize and manage the national and local media appropriately in any situation.

We will detect any media activity that may be decremental to the campaign and handles them from time-to-time influencing public opinion and attitude vis-a vis our clients and their interests.

GAMUT has a dedicated event management team which work hand in hand with Intregated Communication Management team to organize PR events for our clients.